Our first memory of Oz, one week in the Red Centre, in the Outback, before heading up north to the Top End, near Darwin. We spent a short week in the red center, an aboriginal land, discovering one of the most iconic symbol of Australia: the Uluru monolith (named Ayers Rock by the Australia-English) and the rocks of Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), without forgetting Kings Canyon and the MacDonnel Ranges, This territory, Northern Territory is very important for Aboriginal people, many of them living in the city of Alice Springs. 


Alice Springs, geographical center of the country

Alice Springs, at the heart of Australia, its soul and spirit…This Aboriginal city is the main (only) city in the center of Australia. Not many worthy things to see around, it represents a good (the only one!) point to settle and go around the region. You can rent your car/campervan over there. If you have time, a museum to learn about more the flying services, flying doctors (reaching very far people living in huge cattle stations in the desert).

Heat kills in summer!

Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Ayers Rock and Olgas in English are two main rocks, iconic of the red center. You can pay tribute to the Aboriginal legacy going around them, feeling their energy and discovering some old paintings around them but don’t claim on them, especially Uluru, a sacred place for the locals. And climbing Uluru is considered as dangerous as well, people fall and die regularly…

Kings Canyon and McDonnell Ranges

We finish this quick overlook of the region with Kings Canyon and the McDonnell Ranges, a vast hilly and mountainous area. Once again, very important to have very good walking shoes! It is also the opportunity to meet lizards and snakes. Among the animals, don’t miss blue-tongue lizards and bearded dragons!

However these rocks are unmissable and it would be a pity not seeing them while you are down under! A touristic place, and the sunset over Uluru is a very good memory.




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