Welcome to Gizeh and Zaqqarah pyramides! Essential visits when you go to Egypt, the site is very impressive and touristic and many local are looking for the tourist to try to have you a camel or horse ride around the pyramides in Gizeh. 


Gizeh and Saqqarah

Obviously the first thing you can notice is how close Cairo city is now from the Gizeh area. Buildings are very close and the city center is only 20 mns away driving. Saqqarah pyramide, the oldest pyramide build by the architect from the pharaoh Djeser is much less well conserved of course but also charming, with its own specificity. In Gizeh, the project of opening a new Egyptian museum to relieve the one in the city center in the Tahrir Square is soon to become a reality, which will be a good thing as so many beautiful objects and mummies are still to be moved from the cave of the old museum where they are stored currently.

Sphinx, is it Kephren?

Visit of Memphis

We continue the visit of the north part of Egypt with the visit of the old site of Memphis, the capital of the Ancient Empire for the first pharaohs. Even if the site is now particularly damaged, not well conserved and a bit abandoned, we can still find some good surprises coming from the old times. If you passionate about archaeology, it is not to be missed!




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