Here is the southern part of Queenland, with the biggest American-looking Brisbane, “Brissie”, and its festive and more relaxed cities, Gold Coast and Byron Bay (even this one is technically part of New South Wales), south, and Sunshine Coar, north.


Brisbane, capital of Queensland

Brisbane, the main city Queensland is a dynamic town where life is good! Smaller than Sydney and Melbourne, it ne nevertheless the third biggest city of Australia and a relevant economic center. Even if we only stayed a few days, we could enjoy the artificial lagoon. Indeed, beaches are quite far away from the city, then this lagoon is important for families who which to refresh and spend some quality time very near the CBD. It is very useful during high temperature season, which happen often here.

From Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay

Queensland is the second biggest state of Australia, and offers very diversified landscapes. In another article we described the Tropical North Queensland, very humid and hot weather with lot of pristine natural landscapes with few inhabitants, but here it is much more similar to New South Wales, and the coast north of Sydney. Brisbane and the touristic cities of Sunshine Coast, north, and Gold Coast, south, are very dynamic and attractive, very near Sydney and Melbourne, and allows sun-seekers people to come and relax during winter season in the south of Australia.

Byron Bay, the eastern most point of continental Australia

Byron Bay is the place to be if you are in the area to enjoy good waves, wildlife and fun backpacker atmosphere. Indeed, previously a quiet fishing village, it is now considered as one of the most developed area between Sydney and Brisbane with shops, iconic beaches. Sometimes, the weather can be quite bad because unstable, as it was the case when we were here, which did not prevent us from seeing wild koalas and goannas!

About the Gold Coast and particularly Surfers Paradise, it is a famous party place, above all for students celebrating the end of semesters, during alcoholic schoolies. As for us, we really appreciated the amazing, very long beach, right next to the skyscrapers, but we spend the night near our camping, out of the centre, for a quiet night.

Show in Whitsundays !

Going to the Whitsundays now, for a long week-end! Considered as one of the “must-see” of Australia, on the Queensland coast. Indeed, wonderful landscapes and weather (we were there in October, good season), the waters are absolutely crystal clear, impressive right next to several white sandy beaches. However some negative points: A touristic place, above all when you do a cruise 3 days 2 nights with full of Australian families can quickly become oppressive, and the fact you need to swim wearing wet suits  for safety measures due to the presence of box jellyfishes. But going there was a good time out of Sydney, and would recommend it for a long week-end.




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