The question of financing a world trip is of course a central topic for each and everyone of us, who want to realize our dream at some point of time. If the average required budget is around €15,000 per person (for 10/12 months of trip), this budget will vary according to your needs, your desires, the countries you will visit, your lifestyle…

Financing a world trip by ourself

The first and best thing is to save for several months before you go! If you have a stable work it is better as you know where you can save and how much per month. You also have to skip some pleasures before going to save quicker (leisure, cinema, restaurants, weekends away…). Try to have some savings objectives each month.

Sell whatever you can and that you won’t regret afterwards…more things than you think of! Car, furniture (it will avoid some storage fees later), apartment if you are owner (be careful as well and don’t sell everything lol), or rent your apartment later.

Can you be paid for your world trip?

It it also possible to find good sponsors which will accompany you and your project during your world trip from a financial point of view, often asking in exchange specific returns (like more visibility for the brand, goodies to distribute…). Of course, large majority of international travelers don’t have sponsors as finding them is very time consuming and not sure about the success about finding one. if you are still willing to find sponsors, here are some advice:

  • Contact small and medium sized companies who want to acquire an international image and visibility or want to develop connections with local structures and organisations. Usually big multinational companies don’t need you.
  • Sponsors can also be attracted by the theme of your world trip and associate their image with the value linked to your trip (humanitarian project by helping local communities and schools, environmental issues, local economy or micro-credit…)
  • In order to success, pay special attention to the presentation of your project: a clear and professional website, attractive videos, facebook, twitter, instagram accounts with many followers, a precise pdf file mentionning your needs and what you can offer in return. Here are two sponsoring applications verw well done and professional (they are in French though): The one from Romain Corraze the one from the blog J’ai une ouverture.
  • Finally, important to mention concretely the expected results of your world trip about the image of the company from an advertising point of view notably (numbers of visits on your website, followers on social network…you have to become a professional of blogging and digital marketing, very important in our today connected world!)

Besides, crowdfunding websites can also be a good source of financing if the theme your trip, the goal, is able to group together hundred of enthusiastic people who want to know more about your project. These are donations which are concrete to carry out many projects, NGOs or producing content or information abroad.And donations can be tax deductible so many people are keen on donating. Nowadays, good websites to speak about your projects are KissKissBankBankUlule or more focused on travel like Globe Dreamers.

Working while travelling

You can also choose to earn money while you are travelling. We explain it in this article. It is indeed possible to work in different countries, which do not belong to European Union if you are a European. Indeed, check the reciprocity of easy to get working holidays visa if you are under 30 yrs old, maximum 6 months for the same employer. Check with your national working holiday organisation. As everywhere, you have to declare your income to the tax office of course!

Also, the freelance activity. You can choose to work in independent (jobs related to cloud and informatics systems in most cases), but also more manual work such as helping in backpacker, youth hostels (you can sleep for free at their places if you help on day-to-day activities) or in wooffing, check the different possibilities in the country online or better, speak with your fellow travelers, word to mouth is very often the best way to find a temporary job during your trip.

Grants for travelling

They are generally complicated to get, but who knows! Be aware that in most cases, conditions apply (like age), as criteria and dates of applications have to be respected. the chosen ones are very few and the amount you will get is not very relevant, but worth a try! Some (French) addresses, but many other may exist in other countries:

Other possibilities

At the end of the day, there are other solutions, more or less original ones!

  • Working directly with a company from your home country established locally can be a great solution. They are not sponsors for your world trip of course, nor real employers but they can benefit from the fact you are already here and available immediately to give you some work at the beginning, provided you are legally authorized to work in the country. For example, they can pay you as business developer if you can create some connections with potential local partners. It is very flexible but I can tell you it works. Medium and small-sized companies are the ones to target as they are very dynamic, try to diversify their turnover abroad and don’t have so much lengthy and complex human resources procedures as the big multinational corporation. Furthermore, the tasks you will be assigned are usually very rewarding and interesting, providing you benefit from a logistical and commercial support from the head office (brochures, online training…) and/or financial support. A good solution which is often forgotten by travellers! You can contact them sending an unsolicited application to the local subsidiary telling you are here, available immediately and motivated, with full works rights.
  • The import-export. Here as well, you need to have a good commercial acumen, a resourceful and crafty spirit, and talking fluently (or at least English very well) the local language. For example, you can buy local products and you will resell them a distributor or by yourself (ebay…) to richer customers in Western countries or in Asia. Try to have margin for yourself taking into account the custom duties (shipping by boat is slower but less expensive) and develop your network of suppliers and customers! Real businessman! However, it can be quite tiring, long to setup and involve some knowledge in local legal aspects. Also, it shouldn’t be the main goal of your world trip…
  • Renting your accommodation if you are owner is a good source of passive income while you travel as well. See what is the best schedule in this article.
  • Cook! Your home countries specialties for example, which look exotic for local people! French crepes in Australia are a must for example 🙂 Also, if you are good at this, why not join local band with your favorite music instrument, teacher for diving or other extreme sports if you are qualified…be inventive!

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