Economic capital of Australia, the iconic Sydney is the symbol of the country internationally. From the very spectacular Harbour Bridge to more discreet coves of Manly, from the bustling activity of the CBD to the waves of Bondi beach without forgetting Darling Harbour wih the aquarium and many bars or Chinatown, Sydney has much to offer, on different aspects


The most beautiful urban landscape in the world

Every first visit begins with the Opera house, realized in 1973 from the mind of Danish architect Jorn Hutzon and the Harbour bridge, the largest bridge in the world, built in 1932. It now our adopting city as we’ve been working and living here since 2012.and has no secret for us anymore!

The bay, internationally reputed

Many things to experience, beach-lifestyle of meeting an active wildlife (lorikeets and other parrots or cockatoos, blue-tongue lezards, possums…), the nature is never far in this metropolis. We were also part of a local association in charge of protecting the native wildlife in Australia, and followed some basic vet courses! Very interesting.

Sydney, a pacific city

Wear your swim suit or your surf board and go enjoy the most beautiful spots of Sydney! With more than 300 sunny days per year and a perfect weather, nautic activities are the most attractive ones for a “newcomer” in this immigration city!

Sydney is really enjoyable when you live close to the ocean. Take the ferry, do a tour “whale-watching”, kayak in the harbour or simply swim in one if the many beaches, either along the ocean (Bondi, Maroubra, Coogee, Manly, Narrabeen, Palm Beach, Cronulla…) or harbourside (Balmoral, Nielsen Beach, Collins Beach) depending what experience you want to have: surfing on the waves or more quiet with kids.

Many beaches, either harbour-sided or seasided

A cosmopolitan and bustling city

Sydney by night! Vivid Festival & New Year Eve Fireworks. Vivid is a 3-weeks festival, the same thing that you have for one night in Lyon, the light show. During three weeks, the most iconic monuments of the city are spotlighted by specific lights, but also music which attracts every sydneysider! So, if Circular Quay, around Opera House, is very crowded during the weekends, you can also go for a cruise to have a better view and admire the botanic garden from the sea!

About New Years Eve, the spectacle is unmissable but we advise you to book your spot early morning in order to be lucky enough to see anything! Millions of people are gathering since early morning around botanic garden, Macquarie’s Chair (mostly tourists, international students and newcomers as local people are fed up with the buzzing atmosphere).

Different suburbs

According to your personnality and your needs:

  • The City (CBD) is the heart of Sydney, essentlally dedicated to the Business and economy. It is also the most convienient place to work in Sydney: Not far from the cool residential areas such as Bondi or Surry Hills, easy to access with public transports.
  • Eastern Suburbs, from Bondi to Coogee. The suburbs preferred by foreigners as they offer quality of Australian way of life, Very expensive to buy, ok to rent and if you will wake up near the ocean, with the possibility for a morning run before going to work…
  • Central suburbs (Central, Surry Hills, Glebe, Waterloo..).offer a good quality of life as you supposed to be close to your work and close to the shops, but also not far from the beaches. Very near the city
  • Lower North Shore, from Kirribilli to Mosman:The best places to live according to us, with impressive and remarkable views over the harbour.
  • Les Northern Beaches, If Manly is very popular, if you go up north, you won’t find many foreigners but lot of aussies! These suburbs, quite far from the CBD, are very nice to spend good sunny days the weekend. Palm Beach is amazing with a remarkable walk to the lighthouse, offering an amazing view over the beach.
  • Inner West Suburbs, from Newton to Ashfield are nice and cheaper to rent. But also a bit far away from the beaches but that’s ok.
  • Western Suburbs, from Strathfield to Penrith without forgetting Parramatta, Blacktown…:An infinite series of residential suburbs, spreading always further on the West. Not many interests according to us for the tourists, buying in these suburbs is however not cheap and participate to the boom of real estate in expensive.Sydney. They represent the demographic future of Sydney, Asian-looking (mostly Chinese and Indian).




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