Websites and blogs, whether they are made by professionals or by passionate travellers, can be sources of excellent and indispensable information when it comes to the preparation of a world trip. Personally, here are the ones I am referring to if I have any questioning (some are only in French by the way!):

Websites to prepare your travel: destinations, hotspots, things to see and to do…

The”guide du routard” on internet

A good French-speaking website for the travellers, the famous “Guide du routard” (the backpacker’s guide) is one of the most viewed site of travel advice for any destination (the books are also a must, read them on your e-books!). You can also find partners to do a bit of the road with you as the community is very active. You will also be able to find remarkable documentation, forums, good deals and amazing pictures of travellers. You will see the spirit of “the routard” is more alive than ever and more and more destinations are presented in the website.

Voyage Forum

A website French-speaking, Quebec-based, is a must and likely the best travellers forum of the French-speaking internet. Indeed, it is always updated and gathers more than 1.5 million people. Voyage Forum is really the place to be if you speak French, and love travelling, to know the good or bad experiences from travellers. You just have to create a free account to begin to use the forum to see discussions and post messages. Here again, the community is very active and passionate.

Lonely Planet

Very well-known from all around the world, the English-speaking reference website, born in Melbourne in the 70s, the Lonely Planet offers a huge database of all the good tips and things to see anywhere. A factual editorial tone and lots of lists of the things to do, it is very complete and you can also download their e-books. Definitely to be recommended, a leader.

And of all the online blogs and travellers’ website which are all very good! They give excellent recommendations that have been really lived by the authors! Definitely very trustworthy and authentic, these sources are reliable, interesting and detailed. Just do a Google research to look for the theme you are interested in and read the blogs that inspire you the most. Excellent to prepare your road trip.

Websites regarding the health

 World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is updating very regularly the website regarding the medical news of every country and do recommendations about the vaccines to be done in each of them. Just go to the website or call the local organization if you have any doubt when you go to tropical regions for example. Then, even if blogs can give you personal advice as people really experienced the local situation, it is always recommended to check them on the WHO website.

The Pasteur Institute

A lucratif.A non-for profit organization, based in Paris, with a name on behalf of the father of all vaccines and modern medicine, Louis Pasteur (XIXth century), the Institute is always giving relevant and useful advice regarding the vaccines. If you live in Paris, it can also be good to go and meet them if you want to explain your trip and your personal medical background. But many information can already found on their website or by calling them.

Administration & visa for French travellers

Website, advice for travellers from the Government

For French nationals, this is the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each country has its own official website, so keep informed. It will provides you useful and institutional information about the steps you have to do in case of emergency abroad. It also gives you the addresses of embassies and consulates that are offered. You will be able to find all what you are looking for regarding the government’s advice for the safety and the medical situation update in each country.

Public Service while you are abroad 

For French nationals, an interesting site to prepare the administrative moves while you are not here (taxes, change of address, procuration…) But it exist a website for every country of course. All the answers to your questions before you leave and not to forget anything. Just be aware the procedure can be long and time-consuming, prepare everything well in Advance before you leave!

A good website if you want to orders your visas online, included the ones which are a bit complicated to get like Russia, Mongolia, China…Here, you just give some papers (and money!) and they do everything for you to get your visa as soon as possible. If you are busy during the preparation of your trip, it can be good time savings.

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