Tere kõik, tere tulemast Eesti! Travelling in an unrecognized city from a touristic point of view, Estonia and its capital Tallinn, whose historic heritage is very impressive. It is quite easy to use the old-fashioned trams which go everywhere in Tallinn: half-bus, half-tram, coming straight from the Sovietic Union! Possible stops at Mustamäe, Tönismägi or Rannämaë! Finallym if ones goes to Tallinn, it is also to taste the local vodka “Viru Valge”, the liquor “Vana Tallinn” or the beer “A Le Coq”! In Estonia, we drink to get warmer!


Cold winter in Tallinn!

Pictures have been taken in winter..however it is quite interesting to underline the difference of season temperatures between Tallinn in winter (snowy, -20 degres and a sunset at 4.00pm) and Tallinn in summer (15 degres – not more! – a sunset a 11.00pm and a sunrise at 4.00am), you have to be prepared when you decide to settle down in the Estonian capital !

The medieval Tallinn can be discovered slowly under the snow walking around the small and winding streets of the old town..but the modern Tallinn is also worth visiting, not only malls (where people gather .in case of a very cold winter) but also the new monuments celebrating independence from Sovietic Union or the CBD (quite small actually)…Last but not least, a short walk along the Baltic sea is breathtaking and it also enjoyable watch the spectacle of ferries leaving Tallinn to other Scandinavian capitals, Helsinki or Stockholm…

Very convenient common transports

The big advantage of this town is that it is not very big and it is very easy to go everywhere thanks to the trolleys, An important Russian community is still living there, that’s why this country is very much attracted by the EU to face the potential threat of its big neighbour.

An historic town

Hard to drive in Estonia, where I had my driving license during my University exchange however! You have to learn how to drive with tyres adapted to snow…

Now, go and discover the iconic monuments. They are all located in the old town, near the Toompea hill: Alexandr Nevski Cathedral, Kadriorg Palace or the impressive city council, here are the testimonies of the rich Estonian history, made of influences from Russia, Scandinavia, Germany. If the country briefly got its independence in 1918, it was confiscated almost straightaway by the Sovietic Union. Hopefully it is now a fully independent country since the fall of the Berlin wall, and it is now the national day, public holiday.

The architecture in Tallinn will surprise you!

Estonian way of living

Finally visiting Tallinn in winter is also the opportunity to see the locals’ habits who are not reluctant to go outside despite the almost Siberian temperatures of the coldest months of the year! If it is very difficult to be outside for more than 30 consecutive minutes, everyone is adapting: a sledge instead of a pram for children, going around with your skis in the woods…I personally needed very thick tights under my jeans, huge woolly hats and ski-socks…

As a conclusion, Tallinn is a very charming city but you need to take your time and not following all the guides to discover her beauty and the kindness of Estonian people.




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