We arrive in Singapore where we are going to spend a few days waiting our next flight to Thailand. A good opportunity for us to become familiar with this city-country, split from Malaysia, with a true multiculturalism where it is possible to meet with Singaporean people, Chinese, Indians, Europeans, Pakistanis…a real melting-pot which focus on professional and financial achievement, peace and well-being. Welcome to this special place, where shopping in huge mall is the number 1 activity during the week-end, as the very high humidity in the air makes the outdoor life quite a challenge sometime!


First feelings

First thing you can see in Singapore is the amazing skyline, giving a future look to the city according to us. Either at day time or night time, the buildings surrounding you and highlighting the importance of Singapore in the global economy will impress you and offer a huge contrast if you are coming from an isolated island in Thailand or Indonesia for example…Lot of people but so well educated you won’t have a negative feeling. No trash on pathways then but an incredible humidity in the air, which makes you sweating after only 15 minutes outside!

According to us, the “bad thing” is the uniform way of living shared by everyone. Although the city is multicultural with people coming from everywhere in the world to work, most of the people just have the same way of living: Work hard during the week and spending money in malls during the week-end. Most of the shopping centers are located on the main avenue, Orchard Road, quite famous in Asia.

We walked around the city center mainly, near Marina Bay Sands, and we were sleeping in a quieter neighbourood, near the indian area. Good restaurants near by. Not far from there, the iconic sculpture of the city, the well-known Merlion, a lion head spitting water attracts many tourists and you may want to have your pictures next to him as well! If you have some time at the end of your trip, head off to Sentosa island, a nice island, relaxed and not too far from the city.

We continue our trip..Singapore is quite easy to discover as public transports are working really well and are convenient. Saying that, you won’t see many cars as they are extremely expensive, and most of the people won’t have one. A good idea from the government to reduce risks linked to pollution which could be disastreous given the humidity and hot weather all year round!

End of our stay in Singapore, now off to Thailand!

Where did we sleep?

  • We slept at the Green Kiwi Backpacker Hotel near the Indian neighbourhood. Not great, not comfortable and to avoid. Quite disappointed, we believe it does not exist anymore looking at their website. Of course, if you can afford it, just select a luxury hotel for one night or more like the Marina Bay Sands and its amazing pool!

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