The health insurance, covering diseases and injuries during a world trip is absolutely essential although it is not the funniest part of the preparation. Carefully reading and then checking the correct insurance that is satisfying for our specific needs is very important in order to have a quiet and without stress trip. Just keep in mind you have to reside immediately before leaving on a road trip in order to have the possibility to get the insurance from this country. For example, if you just have spent two or more years in Australia (working holiday visa or something else) and you are a French national willing to do a world trop before heading back to France, it is very likely you won’t be able to select a French full insurance, but have to choose an Australian one instead. Let’s keep informed.

Which criteria to take into account?

The services about insurance and assistance can vary from a company to another one, so here is a quick checklist of what you need to pay attention for when you choose a travel insurance. Some countries can be very expensive when it comes to health and medical services (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia…).

  • Third party agreement: in case of physical or material damaged you caused to someone else
  • Sports activities: trekking, diving, bungee jumping, kitesurf…but also when you ride a motorbike must be included. These activities are options, are they are considered as ” extreme sport”.
  • Flights canceled.
  • Luggage Keep the tax invoice in case of robbery or damage happening during the trip or transports. Look if the insurance for the precious objects in the luggage (camera, laptop, drone…) is included, very important.
  • All the insurances if you become sick or get injured (daily hospital fees, repatriation, urgent come back if very serious medical condition of a family member home…) as well as all the other medical fees (dental urgency, optics, physiotherapist…). But the diseases which have been catch before you leave won’t be covered. Anyway, you will have a full health checkup before you leave, that is compulsory.
  • Urgent come back home if a close family member is deceased or hospitalized, natural catastrophe at your home…
  • Death: repatriation of the body (including coffin fees) and payment there are consequences.of disability.
  • Travel insurance: that includes insurance if some of your belongings are stolen, but also possible legal fees abroad, emergency services and rescue squad (if you are missing…).
  • Rent a vehicle is generally not included but is an option. If you take it, absolutely check the excess you would have to pay if any damage/accident.

Social security system

If you are living and working in European Union, you must be covered by the European Health System, working in every country of the Union. Ask for the Health Insurance European Card if you don’t have it yet (the website Ameli). At least you are stress free while you travel in Europe, For other national, check with government if they have agreement with other countries, like in the Commonwealth.

It is worthy noting that you can terminate your home mutual fund before travelling, as you will subscribe a specific insurance that will cover you for every medical issue. Leaving abroad is normally considered as a reasonable explanation to stop it (or at the anniversary of the contract). And even in worst worst case scenario, repatriation of even death, the costs will be supported at 100% by the insurance if need to take you back home. And the home mutual fund which usually covers for 20% of hospital daily fees while the national medicare system covers you for 80% (this is how it works in France but can be different along the countries, as for example in Australia if you are an Australian, medicare will cover you for 100% of public hospital fees and GP but that’s pretty much it).

As a conclusion, the health insurance will cover you regarding medical fees abroad as well as repatriation, do no stress but don’t keep your home mutual fund, which will be useless while you travel in foreign countries.

Health insurance

First of all, the Premier Visa and Gold Mastercard offer a really good insurance the first three months of your trip, provided you book your first fight with this card. Of course, this one has to be valid for the rest of your trip! And beyond these first 90 days, it is mandatory to subscribe to a specific ravel insurance.

The travel insurance has to be subscribed to before you leave your home country to begin your world trip. Thus, it is possible to make it begin after the first three months of your travel that are covered by your credit card, but think about preparing everything in the contract (and give the correct date of beginning) before leaving.

For information, the most popular travel insurance for French nationals and European Union residents include ChapkaAVIACS and World Nomads. They are specialized in travels and are more likely to answer your needs than the generalist insurances such as Axa assistanceAllianz or April International. Go to their website for more information!



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