Next Stop Andalusia! Sunny region at the south of Europe and Spain, the perfect place for relaxing holidays! It’s like the word farninente has been invented for this region 🙂 Andalusia knows how to mix cultural discovery, rich history, amazing architecture and beach-holidays style! We have been seduced by Sevilla and Cordoba which are wonderfule (we’ll go to Granada or Marbella next time…)


Seducing Sevilla

Sevilla has lot to offer! We choose an hotel slightly in the suburbs but the common transport network is good and easy to use. Walking around, admiring monuments or assisting flamenco spectacles while drinking and eating delicious Spanish tapas are the first things to do while you are there.


Follow the guide!

Cathedral, won’t be disappointed, so much things to see in Sevilla! Be careful in summertime as the sun can be really strong, take your suncream with you.

Seville is a must see of Spain




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